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The Life Chances Fund supports payment-by-results contracts where the initial funding is provided by social investors. These contracts are called Social Impact Bonds (SIBs), and one of the aims of the programme is to grow the SIB market across the UK. SIBs allow for socially innovative interventions to be delivered by commissioners without putting themselves at financial risk, and the outcomes based payment system helps to generate cashable savings. The aim is to help people in society who face the most significant barriers to leading happy and productive lives, and it is expected that LCF will typically provide a £1-2m subsidy for proposals.

The LCF is looking to fund intervention services aimed at early stage prevention in particular policy areas, with proposals ideally being led by a commissioner. The social policy themes for this final round of funding are Older People’s Services and Healthy Lives. The deadline for expressions of interest is 15 September 2017, with a deadline of 30 April 2018 for submission of the full application.

Throughout June Life Chances Fund information events will be held across the country to support commissioners interested in developing a proposal. To register for a place, please visit:

Please note that places are limited to one delegate per organisation. If you wish to make an application but your proposal does not fit with the themes of the current round, please send a note of interest to and a member of the Big Lottery Fund team will contact you to discuss this further.

For further information on the Life Chances Fund, please visit:


GO Lab Better Commissioning Symposiums
















The GO Lab hosted our Better Commissioning Symposiums on 17 & 24 May 2017, the second and third instalments in a series of events looking at the practices of commissioning for outcomes in specific policy areas. 
The Better Commissioning for Older People’s Services Symposium provided a lively forum for experienced practitioners and thought leaders from across local government, the NHS, academia, the voluntary sector and central government to explore innovative commissioning strategies around older people’s services. Speakers pointed to a growing base of evidence to demonstrate how outcome driven interventions can more effectively tackle loneliness, support independent living and improve the delivery of domiciliary care. Participants discussed the opportunities and challenges around implementing outcomes based approaches in their communities, and noted that as different models for commissioning for outcomes in adult social care are emerging, it is important to invest in the creation of a community of practice and to support the development of a space for open discussion of what works and what doesn't.
The Better Commissioning for Healthy Lives Symposium featured presentations from health and social care commissioners and service providers and discussed a wide range of innovative approaches that promote healthy lives, ranging from social proscribing for long-term conditions to the commissioning of “healthy” public spaces. There was ample discussion about the learning emerging from projects such as Ways to Wellness and the Mental Health Employment Partnership, and the challenges associated with developing robust outcome frameworks. Strong leadership, cultural change within commissioning bodies, and cross-sector partnership working were highlighted as important factors behind the success of outcome based approaches.

The timing of the two events was intended to help local commissioners make informed choices about applying to the Life Chances Fund, a government fund managed by the Big Lottery Fund, that seeks to support outcomes based commissioning. For more information on making an application, please visit the Life Chances Fund website.
Presentation slides and guest speaker interviews from both events are available below.


Healthy Lives:


Nancy Hey, Chief Executive, What Works Centre

Presentation: What Works: Outcomes for healthier lives



Professor Chris Drinkwater, Chair and Trustee Chair, Ways to Wellness

Presentation: Social prescribing for long-term conditions



Nicola Bromage, Mental Health Commissioner, Stafford and Surrounds CCG

Presentation: Commissioning for outcomes: Social investment bond & individual placement support



Rachel Toms, Insight & Standards Manager, Cities Programme, Design Council – Cabe

Presentation: Creating healthy places



Ellie Bragan Turner, Senior Health Outcomes Analyst, Outcomes Based Health

Presentation: Developing an outcomes based approach: Stockport together case study



Older People's Services:


Professor John Bolton, Visiting Professor at the Institute of Public Care at Oxford Brookes University

Presentation: Out of hospital care: Why move to outcome-based commissioning?



Sue Adams, Chief Executive, Care and Repair England

Presentation: Maintaining independent living



Christine Lewington, Head of Strategic Commissioning, Warwick County Council

Presentation: Commissioning for Better Outcomes



Jill Mortimer, Policy Manager, Age UK

Presentation: Combatting loneliness amongst older people



Alex Fox, Chief Executive, Shared Lives Plus

Presentation: Shared lives plus: Service innovations to tackle loneliness and isolation