Below you will find the latest publications and resources available to download from the GO Lab


Life Chances Fund Development Grants - Press Summaries (July, 2017)

LCF Development Grants fund specialist technical support including research, work on savings and outcomes, service design and engagement with primarily potential providers and service users. The above workbook contains press summaries of grants awarded under the second round of the Life Chances Fund to develop Social Impact Bonds that improve outcomes for children (0-5 years) and young people (11-24 years).


How to Guide: Feasibility Assessment (May, 2017)

The second instalment in the GO Lab How to Guide series, this guidance document is aimed at commissioners looking at the feasibility of engaging an external organisation to deliver services and the associated considerations in the context of outcome based contracting. 


How to Guide: Procurement (May, 2017)

This procurement guide is one of a series to be published by the GO Lab in 2017. The series aims to provide guidance to commissioners based upon the best advice of practitioners and experts with experience in outcome based commissioning.

The first section of the document offers general guidance on matters of note around procurement practice in the context of outcome based commissioning, the second part of the document structures advice into the form of the commissioner journey.


Big Lottery Fund: Directory of Social Impact Bond (SIB) Investment Funds (April, 2017)

Big Lottery Fund has been engaging directly with a wide range of financial institutions, grant foundations and investment funds that have worked with outcomes based projects needing start up investment. A significant proportion of these have invested in SIBs.

A core group of these have provided us with information, summarising their involvement in up-front investment in outcomes based projects, particularly Social Impact Bonds. Each entry included in this directory has been submitted by the organisation in question. Big Lottery Fund has also provided a list of websites and contact details of other potential investors and sources of finance for your reference as part of this directory. Inclusion in this directory does not represent an endorsement by the Fund or the Life Chances Fund.


Big Lottery Fund: Directory of Social Impact Bond (SIB) Providers (April, 2017)

This Directory provides summary details for a range of organisations that have engaged in providing technical support and related advice to applicants to the Commissioning Better Outcomes Fund and that have indicated an interest in supporting applicants to the Life Chances Fund and other SIB related funds.

The information in this directory has been compiled by the Big Lottery Fund for your advice. Information for each entry has been provided by the organisation in question. Inclusion in this directory does not represent an endorsement by the Fund or the Life Chances Fund.


GO Lab Children's Services Workshop: Summary Report (February, 2017)

Held on November 18th 2016, the GO Lab Children's Services Workshop was the first in a series 
that will continue in 2017 and beyond, looking at the practices
 of commissioning for outcomes in a given policy area. This event was focused on children’s services, a policy area in which the current examples of outcome based commissioning practice are predominantly social impact bonds (SIBs). The event brought together commissioners and academics, providing a space for open, peer-to-peer conversation about the challenges and learning points that can be drawn from early SIBs and other outcome commissioning contracts.

The report captures the main discussion points and the actions proposed by the GO Lab in response to the issues and proposals coming out of the day.