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Want to write for the GO Lab? Keen to share your perspective and join the debate around improving public sector outcomes? This guide will walk you through some of the points you'll need to consider. 

We are keen to hear different voices from the public, private and social sectors in the UK or abroad, and from a range of positions. If you are interested in writing on a particular topic, would like to talk through an idea or would like suggestions from us, please get in touch on and read our blog pieces for inspiration. We're happy to discuss ideas, read and edit blogs and then share on social media and our other communications channels. 


As the GO Lab work to improve public sector outcomes there is a lot that you could write about. You may share a project you have worked on and your key lessons learned, offer key takeaways to a conference, respond to a news story, share top tips for running a programme, or something else. Here are some topic areas for you to consider: 

-      Public sector reform in the UK or abroad

-      Collaboration, prevention or innovation in government 

-      Social impact bonds (SIBs) or development impact bonds (DIBs) 

-      Relevant topics in the news eg. social prescribing, outsourcing, social impact investing

As we are an independent research centre we do not favour any views in particular. We are seek to share a range of perspectives, but everything must be accurate and opinions must be stated as such.  

Style and tone

Blog writing is very different from academic research or report writing, it is more like a news piece written to engage the reader. Most people will read one paragraph and then leave the page. You need to make sure your piece is engaging and easy to follow. Here are some pointers: 

-      Get to the main point quickly. Entice the reader with your main argument and any recommendations in the first part of the blog piece. 

-      Write in short and snappy sentences, try to keep them within two lines

-      Don't use technical language and explain any acronyms or abbreviations (or better - leave them out) 

-     Offer extra information through hyperlinks, avoid academic references or footnotes.

Key information

We want to keep our blog pieces short and easy to read. We may edit your work or make suggestions, but will always check with you before publishing. Here are some pointers:

-      Your blog piece should be 600-800 words. 

-      Consider a title of less than 10 words and use key terms used in your piece. We can help out with this if needed. 

-      Keep to a simple structure with an introduction, a few central paragraphs and a conclusion

-      You may consider using subheadings to highlight key points

-      Add in an image, graph or photo if relevant as they help break up the text

-      We don't republish blogs but if you have already written on a topic you can adapt it for a blog for the GO Lab.