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Referral or identification process

Have you developed a referral pathway which will avoid perverse incentives? Is the referral pathway in knowledge of the regulatory or statutory responsibilities? Is there a process to determine eligibility of the target cohort? Have you considered all aspects of referral? i.e. opt in or opt out, communication to service user, managing and recording attrition

You are ready when

A referral pathway has been developed (whether voluntary opt-in, proactive engagement or referral from another agency) which includes appropriate governance to avoid perverse incentives. 

This has been developed in full knowledge and oversight of any regulatory or statutory responsibilities and with stakeholder engagement. 
A process in place to determine eligibility based on the defined target cohort
Consideration has been given to whether this is an ‘opt in’ service or not, how referrals will be communicated to the service user, and how opt out, drop out and attrition will be managed and recorded.

You have work to do if

No clear process for accessing proposed project participants