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Commissioning Better Outcomes Fund- Healthier Devon

Social Impact Bond

Location: Devon, United Kingdom

Launch date: 2018

Duration: 72 months

Policy area: Health

Government outcomes fund: Commissioning Better Outcomes Fund (Big Lottery Fund)

Commissioners: Devon County Council (Local government), Public Health Directorate (Central government)

Providers: Westbank Community Health and Care

Investors: Bridges Fund Management

Target population: Pre-diabetic with a focus on 40% most deprived population

Size of cohort: 3450

Stage: Implementation

Intervention description

A 24 month intervention to support lifestyle changes (exercise and diet/nutrition) targeted at a high at-risk population. The target cohort will be recruited by GP referral and outreach/self and are eligible if 1) BMI is over 25, 2) Raised blood sugars (HbA1c 45-47mmol/mol, 3) are an adult. There will be a targeted approach to engage with the 40% most deprived demographic. 

SIB was needed due to the increasing pressure on healthcare and economic and mental health issues arising from growth in obesity and T2 diabetes. 

See below for how the SIB will be measured, but effectively individuals will be engaged with for 24 months, and measurements taken at 6, 12 and 24 months to successfully reduce weight, HbA1c and waist circumference, and ultimately make sustainable change in lifestyles.


6 months - Reductions in Hb1AC (1.2mmol); Waist size (2cm); Weight (2kg reduction) 

12 months - Reductions in Hb1Ac (2.4mmol fall from baseline); Waist size (4cm fall from baseline); Weight (3kg fall from baseline) 

24 months - Reductions in Hb1Ac (1.2mmol less than baseline measure); Waist size (1cm smaller than baseline); Weight (1.5kg less than baseline)