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Life Chances Fund- Reducing the prevalence of mothers experiencing recurrent care proceedings (Plymouth)

Social Impact Bond

Location: Plymouth, United Kingdom

Launch date: 2019

Duration: 54 months

Capital raised: £1.1m

Policy area: Children’s social care

Government outcomes fund: Life Chances Fund (Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sports, Big Lottery Fund)

Commissioners: Plymouth City Council, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) (Central government)

Providers: Trevi House Ltd (Charity Number: 1075433), Pause Creating Space for Change (Charity Number: 09703298)

Investors: Bridges Fund Management

SIB structure: Managed

Target population: This project will work with women of child bearing age who have already experienced, or are at 'high risk' of experiencing, recurrent care proceedings to remove their children into care (high risk indicators: mothers aged <25 and particularly <19).

Size of cohort: 48

Stage: Implementation

Intervention description

Aims to reduce the number of under-fives entering care, through a ‘post proceedings’ project. The project will deliver the Pause model of (therapeutic, behavioural and practical) support for women who have experienced, or are at risk of, recurring care proceedings and ultimately removal of their children into care. Intervention will include supporting women to engage with wider relevant services such as mental health, domestic abuse, substance misuse, housing, and sexual health. Intervention aim is to help women to stabilise, develop their sense of self, improve wellbeing and create the foundations upon which the women can build a more positive future.

Approach to specifying intervention 

Evidence based intervention, specified by commissioner.


Women successfully engage with the pause programme to enable them to focus on their own needs, take control of their lives and develop new skills and responses, building their wellbeing and resilience to move forwards to a more positive future.
  • Definition: As above
  • Baseline: Modelled data from Pause national (based on scoping by 20 other Pause practice LA areas) indicates we would see 35 episodes of care proceedings amongst 48 ‘Pause eligible’ women over total SIB intervention period of 4.5 years (including post-Pause support)
  • Maximum Payment: £8388
  • Outcome Target (#): 48
  • Outcomes Achieved (#): N/A

Women are not subject to further proceedings (for removal of a child into care) over a 18 months follow-up period post Pause programme.

  • Definition: As above
  • Baseline: Modelled data from Pause national (from published evaluation & aggregated data across 20 Pause practices) gives a baseline rate of pregnancy amongst Pause eligible women without intervention of 0.113 - 0.24 pregnancies per woman per year
  • Maximum Payment: £19571
  • Outcome Target (#): 48
  • Outcomes Achieved (#): N/A


Evaluation against other comparable projects.

Further information

  • Referral Route: Potential cohort lists of ‘Pause eligible’ women will be initially identified from children's social care (CSC) case files, and then prioritised for engagement based on local practitioner knowledge of each woman's current circumstances, and on insight from Pause (national) 
  • Total Potential Maximum Outcomes Payments: £1,342,000
  • Date Outcomes Contract Signed: 13/02/2019
  • Date Service Delivery Started: 08/04/2019

More detailed information on this project can be found in the Data Template Excel sheet linked below, with a full list of sources. All fields are defined according to our data dictionary.