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Street Impact Brighton

Social Impact Bond

Location: Brighton, United Kingdom

Launch date: 2018

Duration: 27 months

Policy area: Homelessness

Commissioners: Ministry of Housing (Central government), Department of Communities and Local Government (Central government)

Providers: People, Potential, Possibilities (P3)

Investors: Tridos

Target population: 18+ years with complex and co-occuring needs and a history of rough sleeping/homelessness

Size of cohort: 100

Intervention description

They will work with 100 named individuals in Brighton who will all have histories which involve prolonged or repeat episodes of rough sleeping as well as complex issues around alcohol, drug use, mental illness and/or physical health issues. 

The cohort is fixed for 3 years and the team will work work with them in a through care model from street to home. They will not look to replace or replicate services that people already have strong links to, but will support services, filling any gaps with targeted personal support and funds to help people sustain their recovery. The approach underpinning the programme will be that: 

Clear assessment and planning: Understanding where someone is now and what they need (with support and access to services) to get where they want to be - housing, health and work. 

Multi-agency case management: Will take a holistic case management approach involving relevant agencies and dealing with work, health, relationships and other areas of need as well as someone' accommodation. 

Personalisation: For some, a personalised, flexible, outreach approach is needed over a sustained period, backed by funds, to develop relationships that will bring them off the streets. 

Accommodation: individuals should have access to independent accommodation as quickly as is feasible. St Mungo's has experience of sourcing independent accommodation, helping people to build a recovery network around them - with support provided by peer volunteers, neighbours and local agencies.


- Entering accommodation
- Sustained accommodation (at 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 months) 
- General wellbeing assessments 
- Entry into mental health services
- Sustained engagement with mental health support 
- Entry into alcohol misuse treatment
- Sustained engagement with alcohol misuse treatment 
- Improved education/training
- Volunteering (at 13 and 26 weeks) 
- Part time work (at 13 and 26 weeks) 
- Full time work (at 13 and 26 weeks)