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Announcing the 2019 GO Lab Fellows of Practice

2019 Fellows Tara and Chih Hoong
Three of the Fellows of Practice on a panel discussion hosted by the GO Lab

Posted 17 Dec 2018, 10 a.m.

Each year at the GO Lab we appoint a small group of leading practitioners from across the public, private and voluntary sectors, to help us further our mission to advance research and practice in how governments tackle complex social needs.

We are delighted to announce the 2019 GO Lab Fellows of Practice, a group of 19 experienced practitioners, who have been invited to join the GO Lab for a one-year fellowship in recognition of their outstanding expertise, values and pioneering spirit in the field of outcomes-based commissioning and the public sector more broadly. As part of the group, we are welcoming six of the 2018 Fellows back for a second year.

There are four core considerations that have guided our selection process for next year’s Fellows of Practice: 

  • Experience: outstanding practical experience which relates to one or more of GO Lab’s areas of research or practice engagement
  • Alignment: support for the ethos and mission of the GO Lab. Open-mindedness and curiosity about the GO Lab’s areas of work, with an active engagement in constructive debate and thought leadership around public sector transformation
  • Skills: professional skills, especially in public speaking, writing and public sector advisory
  • Networks: proximity to, and knowledge of, stakeholders of strategic importance to the GO Lab’s research or engagement activity

The Fellows of Practice come from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences - from local government leaders who have pioneered innovative models of public service provision in their communities, to policy-makers who are championing evidence-based approaches to policy development, and practitioners with decades of experience in helping improve public services. This year we are joined by a number of international experts who will work with us on identifying opportunities for shared learning across different countries and strengthening the global community of practitioners and researchers in the field.   

What sectors do the Fellows work in?

Graphs of FoP sector

What policy areas do the Fellows work on?

Graph 2

What countries or regions do the Fellows work in?

graph 3

The Fellows of Practice will work with the GO Lab across a wide range of projects and activities, focussing in particular on four priority areas:

Transparency & data: explore effective ways to develop a culture of more transparency and openness in the field and build consensus among key stakeholders around the development of a more standardised approach to collecting data on outcomes-based contracts 

Peer learning: help nurture locally-led peer learning networks that build on the practical expertise that already exists around contracting options and commissioning; disseminate knowledge and develop solutions that respond to local priorities

Governing collaboration: inform GO Lab’s research work investigating how different place-based collaborative approaches can be used to tackle some of the acute challenges faced by public services and voluntary organisation

 International perspectives on social outcomes funding: identify impactful ways to strengthen international collaborations to address shared challenges and barriers to better practice

We look forward to working with the 2019 Fellows of Practice and would like to thank the outgoing Fellows for their immense contributions to the GO Lab over the past year. 

Fellows of Practice are appointed once a year. If you would like to be considered to join a future group of Fellows of Practice, please speak to us at one of our events and we will be happy to explore ideas on how you might get involved in our work.

To find out more about each of the 2019 Fellows of Practice, please visit the dedicated webpage on the GO Lab website. 

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