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About Susanne

Susanne is a postdoctoral research associate for a place-based partnership at the Government Outcomes Lab. She joined the GO Lab team in 2021 coming from the London School of Economics where she completed a PhD in Economic Geography and worked as an LSE Fellow in Local Economic Development. Her research to date has focused on urbanisation, cities and economic growth as well as the effectiveness of industrial and regional development policies. At the GO Lab, she focuses on the centre’s work around the UK’s levelling up agenda, providing an international perspective. 

Susanne has extensive experience working as a consultant with international organisations and governments, for example with the World Bank’s Trade & Competitiveness Practice, where – among other things – she co-led the research team of a recent flagship report on Special Economic Zones in developing countries. Prior to the PhD, Susanne furthermore worked for several years with Dalberg Global Development Advisors, supporting organisations such as the Gates Foundation and the International Trade Centre in their strategic planning processes. She spent two years in Guatemala, working for Fundesa, a private-sector funded think tank, and in close collaboration with the Guatemalan Ministry of Economy on economic policies for the country.

Susanne’s work has been published in high-impact journals such as Economic Geography, World Development and the Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society and has been translated into policy papers to support the design of public policy.

Academic papers

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Blog articles

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