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ERGO Peer Support open session

ERGO Peer Support open session

In response to the global coronavirus outbreak, the GO Lab has launched a new peer-learning group called Emergency Responses and Government Outcomes (ERGO). This group will convene to take stock of the implications that emergency situations such as the current coronavirus pandemic have on those implementing outcomes-based approaches.

This session will be an opportunity for those involved in the implementation of outcomes-focused projects to get together to discuss their current challenges and learn from each other about possible solutions. 

15.30 Welcome and introduction to session format

Clare FitzGerald, Research Fellow, Government Outcomes Lab

15:40 Small group discussion

Please start with round-robin introductions: your name, your organization, your role within your organization, and your interest in ERGO.

Depending on your role, you may respond to the following discussion questions differently. If you’re speaking about a particular project – an impact bond or otherwise – please provide essential details about the project. If you work in an advisory capacity or across a portfolio of projects, you can highlight any trends you’ve observed or select a project to speak to.

A member of GO Lab will be in your group to take notes and facilitate the discussion, but please select a non-GO Lab person to feedback to the wider group afterwards.

1.     From March until now, what aspects of your project have been integral to your ‘success’? What aspects have proven challenging?

2.     Over the next year, what aspects of your project do you think will be integral to your ‘success’? What aspects are likely to prove challenging?

3.     Are there any changes that you have made since March that you hope will become permanent?

4.     In your opinion, is there any learning from the experience of outcomes-based contracts/impact bonds during Covid-19 that should be informing ‘business as usual’ commissioning decisions? What about vice versa?

16:10 Feedback from small group discussion

16:25 Open discussion