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Why share your data

Is your impact bond project missing?

Do you believe some of these data are incorrect?

Is your organisation missing from a project?

Would you like to send an update?

Get in touch! Email us at and we will get back at you as soon as possible.

Sharing data about a new project (impact bond dataset)

If you are not sure whether your project can be defined as an Impact Bond or not, please find the definition we use at INDIGO below:

What counts as an Impact Bond project?" It is a contractual relationship that includes two core factors:

  1. Payment for social or environmental outcomes achieved
  2. Up-front repayable finance provided by a third party, the repayment of which is (at least partially) conditional on achieving specified outcomes.

Each impact bond project that begins work under a new outcomes contract, with a new target cohort, a distinct geography, and/or with a later start date is counted separately.

You can find all our data definitions in the Data Dictionary. The INDIGO template and GitHub site are also available for users who want to have a deeper understanding of our data model.

The Data Dictionary indicates that there are four different levels of priority. We do not expect our collaborators to complete the whole INDIGO template. Having data for all our level 1 priority variables is sufficient for us to upload that project to our database. 

If you would like an even easier way to share your data, you can complete this form here.

Sharing updates about existing impact bond projects

If you are sharing an update on a project that already exists on our dataset, send us an email at

Please write ‘Impact Bond update’ in the subject line and explain which project you want to update (ideally, use the INDIGO project identifier), your source of information, the role you played in that Impact Bond (if you had a role) and the specific variables you would like to update.  If you would like to correct some data, you can follow these guidelines as well. 

Please also give us feedback through the INDIGO Feedback Questionnaire and the INDIGO Data Definitions Improvement Tool.  Thanks!

Sharing data on upcoming outcomes-based instruments (pipeline dataset)

Our pipeline dataset collect data on upcoming outcomes-based instruments. These instruments could be social impact bonds, outcomes funds, payment-by-results projects (no pre-financing), social impact incentives, social impact guarantees or technical assistance and market building programmes. We do not have a web form for these instruments (yet), but you can send us an email at with the data that you want to share and we will be in touch shortly.