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Evidence and insights from the experience with payment by results across Latin America

The Social Outcomes Conference (SOC21) is an annual convening of the world's leading researchers, policymakers and practitioners working to improve social outcomes. 

It aims to bring together the rigour of the most recent, cutting-edge academic research with an applied, real-world focus. It will be an opportunity for participants to engage in vibrant exchanges between both policymakers, practitioners and academics from around the world, each with their own experience and insights on improving social outcomes. 

This year's conference is built around five key themes:

  • Outcomes-based contracting
  • Outcomes orientation
  • Measuring outcomes and value for money
  • Procurement and social value
  • Government, business and civil society collaboration in places

These themes are all underpinned by a single core question: how can government combine its multiple roles – sometimes as provider, funder, facilitator, and regulator – to support activity which improves social outcomes? 

This year, on the side of SOC21, we will be hosting a series of online special sessions that spotlight particular regions and academic research.  

Session overview

Given the prevailing economic, political and social conditions in many Latin American countries and the lack of institutional continuity in the region, one of the defining features of outcomes contracts structured in Latin America, is the level of adaptation that they have had to incur into in order to be implemented. Observing all outcomes-based contracts and funds in the region one common question emerges: how do we structure the instrument when some of the underpinnings of the tool as conceived within a more stable and developed market, are missing? And more importantly, how do we make up for these missing pieces?

For this session, we brought together insights and experiences from a range of key actors involved in outcomes-based contracts around Latin America, including multilateral and private investors, government officials, performance managers and services providers. We explored the actions taken to "make up" for the missing links and the level of innovation and adaptation implemented to successfully develop and execute a variety of outcome payment contracts across the board. This session also sought to highlight the importance of sharing lessons learned between countries and other emerging markets to leverage on adaptations successfully implemented elsewhere.

We hosted this session on the side of this year's Social Outcomes Conference, as part of a series of online special sessions that spotlight particular regions. The session was co-hosted by the Latin American Payment by Results Network.

Session recording